Aline Marion
Aline Marion is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. She loves to explore the laws governing our universe, and to expand her understanding of her own existence. Her interest on the subtle aspect of life itself, led her to create unique compositions, using diverse natural and traditional materials. She believes that the materials used in her pieces of art hold a significant value in what she does, as they have a life force of their own.

Aline has a wide range of designing skills, utilizing an extensive knowledge in geometry, and computer graphics as well as hand drawing. She works with various traditional craft techniques, from stone carving & lapidary to painting and wood carving.

She has obtained a Master degree at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London completing the MA program in 2013. After that she spent two years training and designing the Italian stone inlay technique called Pietra Dura. Aline has since established herself as an artist creating broad range of work from jewellery to large scale paintings. You can discover more about her work here

Aline shares her knowledge through private and public workshops in her own studio as well as internationally. Recent classes have taken place in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Brazil.
Joachim Tantau
Joachim Tantau Joachim Tantau is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. He started at a very young age designing and building houses and fairy tale castles from wood at his parents' garden. What started as a hobby eventually became a vocation, leading him to the discovery and application of the using the ancient design principles of Sacred Geometry. After a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture, he received his Master’s degree from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London in 2013. Joachim is since running a studio in Hamburg producing high-end bespoke furniture and sculptural objects. You can discover more about his work here

Joachim also works internationally as a tutor and regularly gives workshops in Geometry, Marquetry, and various subjects related to woodwork and design. Recent classes have taken place in Azerbaijan, Egypt, China, the UK, Spain and Brazil.
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