Our Ethos
In our ever changing world, the restless striving of our society the only resting point is nature itself with her eternal laws and principles. What a relief to be out in nature - nature is beautiful, no matter where on earth you are!

That’s why we love working with natural materials, whether it’s dyeing fabrics, painting, or decorating wooden surfaces - the materials nature provides have a beauty unequalled by any synthetic product.

But that’s just the surface. Nature’s true beauty is found in its underlying principles, the structure that is not immediately apparent to the eye. These principles we study through Geometry, for nature is very geometric at its core. Take for example the structure of a molecule, the proportions of our human bodies, the petals of a flower or the movement of the planets - you find astoundingly accurate geometric patterns everywhere in nature. Through the study of these principles and their application in creative work, we produce something that has a lasting timeless beauty – it is the beauty that we admire in the great works of ancient art. A beauty that connects us with nature, rather than setting us apart.

We believe that arts and crafts are not separate worlds. Every craft is an art if performed in a wholesome way. And every art, if it is to reflect nature’s beauty, can only be expressed through the mastery of a craft. You can only write poetry once you mastered the language. That separation is very recent – and not very healthy, for neither the arts nor the crafts.

The workshops we teach offer a unique opportunity not only to learn time-tested methods and techniques, but to engage in a truly meaningful activity. Meaningful because it connects you with the eternal cycles of nature – and ultimately with yourself. It reminds you of the beauty and harmony inherent in all of creation and also within you. You are capable of creating beautiful things because you are part of nature – you are beautiful!
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